Campus Life

Life on campus is fun and exciting. Apart from gaining knowledge campus life is about experiencing friendship, fellowship, fun and food. Life begins with early Morning Prayer at 5 A.M. and ends with time in the library in the evening. Many activities such as sports, group work, drama, music, gardening, cooking and learning various skills on campus also provide an interesting atmosphere for students.

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

Campus life incorporates two main objectives of both enhancing the Spiritual formation of a student and shaping the process of discipleship. An integrated approach which consists of four main areas aids the accomplishment of these objectives.

  • Work: Student learns to do their assigned duties or execute their responsibilities as a form of worship
  • Chapel: Cooperate worship when the entire community joins for celebration and ministry
  • Small Groups: Time to engage others in a closed group setting with the intention of discipleship
  • Time Alone with God: Learning the discipline of quietness, reflection and hearing from God
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