Campus Facilities

The Campus of the Assemblies of God Bible College comprises of a spacious chapel, an administrative office block, additional classrooms, a large dining hall, and dormitories for men, women and student families, faculty quarters and a play area for children.

The present facilities are being constantly improved and extended to meet the growing intake of students and the upgrading of programs. A fully furnished dormitory for girls together with a larger lecture hall, more accommodation for visiting faculty and pastors returning for study were included in the year 2003. The college acquired additional land adjoining the campus in 2004 with the view of further development. Some buildings of the new land were converted to be used as a study centre for pastors and leaders.

In 2013 the older administrative building was extended and renovations were done to facilitate growth. This resulted in expansion of the library with more study space, expansion of the chapel to be a larger auditorium and provided with additional office space and more classrooms. Recently the dining hall was renovated with funds raised by students.